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Tips for Safely Exercising in the Summer

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer sun! But before you hit the beach or the park, it’s important to remember that exercising in the heat can be dangerous if you’re not careful. As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to be mindful of how you exercise.

Here are some tips for staying safe and healthy in the heat:

  • WATER:

Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after exercise. Dehydration can lead to health problems, so make sure to drink enough water or sports drinks.


Avoid exercise during the hottest part of the day. Try to exercise in the morning or evening, when it’s cooler outside.


Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Cotton is a good choice, as it helps keep you cool and absorb sweat.


Take frequent breaks if you’re working out outdoors. When the temperature is high, it’s important to give your body time to recover.

  • SHADE:

Stay in the shade when possible. If you have to be outdoors, seek out shady areas to exercise in.


Use sunscreen if you’re going to be in the sun. Sunburn can make exercise more difficult and dangerous.

Although it’s important to exercise regularly all year round and maintain your routine, it’s especially important to be careful during the summer months. By following these tips, you can stay safe and healthy while getting your exercise in and allow yourself to enjoy your workouts without risking heat-related illness.

Remember to adjust your routine as needed – if it’s too hot to exercise outside, try working out at the gym or swimming at the pool. Staying active is important no matter what time of year, so don’t let the summer stop you from being healthy!

These are just a few tips to help you stay safe and healthy during exercise in the heat. Be sure to listen to your body and take it easy if you’re feeling overheated or dehydrated. And always remember to drink plenty of fluids!

Do you have any great tips for working out in the summer? Share them with us in the comments below or on our social pages!! We can't wait to hear from you! And don't forget to tune into Good Risings for daily inspiration!

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